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3 tips to help your business do better with recycling

Talk of being environmentally friendly is everywhere nowadays, from the news to podcasts you can’t escape what is one of the biggest growing concerns we all face. With landfills full and the oceans being a sea of plastic, we can see the effects that modern life and society is having on this earth. However the good news is, it’s not too late.

With businesses now understanding that they have a responsibility and a strategic necessity to show and produce a more environmentally friendly ethos, there are things that we can all do to create a workplace that does better when it comes to looking after the environment.

Without further ado, here are some smart tips for businesses looking to take ownership in helping the environment and how they can do a better job with recycling as part of that strategy.

Focus on paper recycling

Most office waste is unsurprisingly down to paper waste. So, by making a concentrated effort to create an office environment that tackles it will definitely be a bonus to your business.

There are some easy fixes as well. The first is to set up your printer to print double sided, and making it a company wide policy, this would reduce what you print in half. Less paper, less waste.

The second is something that requires a little more of a concentrated effort within the team and in some cases a bit of a cultural change. The system is called “pull printing.” What this does is that all print jobs are started or ‘activated’ at the printer rather than just sending it to be printed.

Why is is so efficient? Simple, with over 30% of printed documents never being collected, this amounts to a gross amount of waste. However, in this system, you can only have a … Read More...